1.  Competence.

The law is complex and each client’s situation is unique.  We take the time to listen to our clients and seek to accomplish their goals.  Our education, ongoing training, and experience allow us to spot issues, avoid the land mines, and to provide ‘customized’ solutions to our clients that simply are not possible from a one-size-fits-all estate planning kit.

2.  Service.

We are not selling something in a box.  It is our desire to be your law firm for life, to help you get the most out of life.  If you have a question about documents we have prepared you can call us and speak to the attorney, usually for free.  If things in your life change—and they will—we are here to help you ensure that your estate plan is current and still designed to accomplish your goals.  Since we maintain digital copies of everything we produce most changes can be accomplished very easily and affordably.  If the law changes—and it will—we are here to help you with that as well.

3.  Cost

Many people choose the do-it-yourself path to save money.  And you can buy a will template, or generate a will online, for less than we charge.  But ‘cost’ doesn’t end there.  What will be the tax implications for your estate and your family of your do-it-yourself will?  How much of your estate will be lost to probate costs?  -To legal fees after your death?  -To mismanagement of your estate?

4.  Value

When you hire Sorrell Law Firm for your estate planning needs, you can have confidence that your estate plan will accomplish what we have planned, and will maximize what you leave to others.  Those you leave behind will be spared the aggravation, expense, and grief of dealing with an inadequate or poorly-drafted estate plan.