Sorrell Law does FREE Educational Events

As part of our efforts to educate and empower people in our community with information and tools to help them navigate through the confusing and complicated process of estate planning and related matters, we partner with local churches and organizations to present information using legal and ethical methods to protect and preserve assets and pass them along to their loved ones and organizations that they wish to support in a wise and prudent manner.

Some of the topics we cover are:

  • Estate Planning
  • Elder Law & Care
  • Medicaid Planning
  • Special Needs Planning & Care
  • Guardianships
  • Business Law & Business Succession

We also help educated people on planning for their golden years and preparing themselves, or perhaps their parents or grandparents, for the possibility of elder care as they age.

Some of the common questions we answer through our educational seminars and talks are:

  • Who will manage my finances if I can’t?
  • Who will make medical decisions if I can’t?
  • What will happen with my stuff when I pass away?
  • How do I ensure my stuff gets passed to my desired heirs and keep it out of the probate process?
  • How do I pass along my stuff as efficiently as possible?
  • How do I help my executors and heirs manage my estate after my passing?
  • How do I plan for needing elder care?
  • How do I manage a crisis situation?
  • Who will take over and run my business when I’m ready to retire?
  • What happens to my business when I pass away?
  • Who should I leave my business too when I pass away?

We do this at no charge and without obligation. We simply seek an audience to present to and a location in which to hold these educational meetings. We are open to doing this in a variety of formats, depending on what works best for our partnering organizations.

If you would like Rick to speak at your meeting or event, please contact us at your convenience and let us know which topic or topics you are interested in Rick covering. You can reach us by phone (704) 784-0486, email, or through the contact form here on this page.