Seniors face a unique set of legal issues

Groucho Marx reminded us that anyone can get old: you only have to live long enough.

Many of the legal problems and challenges faced by Seniors are faced by all of us. But Seniors face a unique set of legal issues, and often there are unique twists to the more conventional legal problems as well.

We meet clients in their home, hospital room, or other location for your convenience

At Sorrell Law Firm, we are committed to serving Senior clients, to meeting the unique needs of Seniors, and to doing all that is possible to equip them to have the life that they want.

We will be happy to meet our senior law and special needs clients in their home, hospital room, or other location for your convenience.

As an attorney, Mr. Sorrell is able to provide every one of our clients with the personal attention that they deserve. He will listen to your concerns, take the time to explain your options, guide you through the process, and ensure that you are comfortable with the decisions that you make.

Sophisticated Solutions with a personal touch

Our Clients benefit from our experience in the following areas of concerns:

  • Assistance with long-term planning
  • Medical Directives (Living Wills), Powers of Attorney
  • General, Durable, and Health Care Powers of Attorney
  • Asset Protection
  • Medicare, Medicaid
  • Pensions
  • Reverse Mortgage Review and Advice
  • Guardianship and Caregivers

Have questions about our Elder Law services? See our Elder Law FAQs to answers to frequently asked questions or contact us directly and we will be glad to answer your questions.