There are times in life when we want or need the advice and assistance of a lawyer. Not a computer form. Not a paralegal service. An actual, experienced lawyer — one we can talk to in person. But so often we shortcut around our need for real legal help and advice because it’s too darn expensive. Often, when we hire attorneys, their bills seem to get bigger and bigger, and we aren’t even sure why!

Those days are over. With flat fee legal services, you have total control over your legal expenses. You decide what you want to pay for, and how much you want to pay. Plus, you get a real attorney — one with the experience you want — working for you, on your terms.

You wouldn’t buy a TV without knowing what it will cost.  Why hire an attorney without knowing the cost?  Nothing about our rates are hidden — we have nothing to hide.  These are rates for our more popular estate planning and administration services.  These are exactly the rates you will pay.  Don’t see what you need here?  We do other things—just ask!


Estate Planning & Administration
Individual Service Rates

We charge $150.00 for a consultation, and apply that charge to any complete estate plan (will or trust) you want us to do within 45 days.  At the consultation we will review not only your financial and family situation, but will discuss how beneficiary designations, real estate ownership, joint accounts, and the like affect your will and estate plan.




Please contact us today to speak to us about your needs. We welcome the opportunity to be of service!