Why choose Sorrell Law Firm for your business’ legal needs?

Research shows that most people would rather gouge out their kidneys with a shrimp fork than talk to a lawyer. I know the feeling. But it doesn’t have to be that way. What if a lawyer could be knowledgeable and friendly? What if a lawyer could be both insightful and genuinely interested in you and your business? What if a lawyer could be both skillful and friendly?

What if a business lawyer not only knew the law but understood business? And not just from a book, but from experience? What if a lawyer knew what it was like to start from scratch, to overcome obstacles? To work?

At Sorrell Law Firm, we want to be part of your business team. There’s more to starting a business than coming up with a great idea, writing a business plan and finding financing. A would-be small-business owner also must decide how the business should be structured. Should an entity (such as a partnership, a corporation, or an LLC) be formed? If so, which one? How are taxes to be paid and profits treated? What will be the relationship between the owners? And what if someone wants (or needs) out?

But it doesn’t end with start-up. As you continue, changes may (and probably will) need to be made. Contracts may be needed. Non-competes. Analysis and reviews of operations. Asset acquisitions. Employment issues. And who knows what else?

For most small business owners, one clear “what else?” is their estate plan. Because your business may well be your most valuable asset–if not today, then tomorrow. And it exists at the critical junction of estate planning and business law. (And business itself.) We understand this, and we can handle both your business and planning needs for you. Looking out for your interests and pursuing your goals. Because we are on your team.

So, you can try to find answers on your own and hope they are right. You can locate online documents, take the time to fit them to your business, and then hope they work when you need them. Or you can let us help you so that you can focus on what you started your business to do–and what will bring you success.

Proper planning early and proper ongoing execution are both critical for stability and success. We will listen to your plans and help you to find the legal solutions that fit you best and will work best in the pursuit of your goals. We will answer your questions and help you to succeed. And we will do so in a friendly manner and at an affordable price. We would love the opportunity to be of service to you.

No shrimp forks needed.

Affordable solutions that individuals and small businesses need

We believe that every client, no matter how large or how small, deserves the best representation and services our legal system affords. In fact, Sorrell Law Firm was established specifically to meet the needs of individuals, home-based and small businesses.

Our background and experience have prepared us to combine the benefits of the big, expensive firms with the personal touch and affordable solutions that individuals and small businesses need. So whether you need help with business formation issues, contract drafting or review, or other legal matters, Sorrell Law Firm can provide you with customized and sophisticated yet practical and affordable solutions to meet your unique needs, while providing you with the personal attention and service you strive to provide to your customers.

Business Solutions with a personal touch. The Service your business needs.

  • Starting a Business
  • Advice on Business Structure andProtection of Personal Assets
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Incorporation and LLC Formation & Dissolution
  • Shareholders’ Agreements
  • Buy-Sell Agreements
  • Registration of Foreign Business in North Carolina
  • Contract Review
  • Drafting of Contracts
  • Advice on day-to-day operations and help with common problems.
  • Employment Law

See our Business Law Fees page for pricing and information on the unique way we price our business law services.

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