There are times in life when we want or need the advice and assistance of a lawyer. Not a computer form.  Not a paralegal service.  An actual, experienced lawyer — one we can talk to in person.  But so often we shortcut around our need for real legal help and advice because it’s too  expensive.  Often, when we hire attorneys, their bills seem to get bigger and bigger, and we aren’t even sure why!

Those days are over.  With flat fee legal services, you have total control over your legal expenses. You decide what you want to pay for, and how much you want to pay. Plus, you get a real attorney — one with the experience you want — working for you, on your terms.

You wouldn’t buy a TV without knowing what it will cost.  Why hire an attorney without knowing the cost?  Nothing about our rates are hidden — we have nothing to hide.  These are rates for our more popular business services.  These are exactly the rates you will pay.  Don’t see what you need here?  We do other things—just ask!


Individual Service Rates


Business Consult:  $150.00 (Required for new clients/matters)

Business Consult


Required for new clients/matters

Contract/Document Review and Oral Consultation:

Contract/Document Review and Oral Consultation


for 1-2 pages  

$250 for 3-6 pages

$500 for 7-15 pages

$750 for 15-25 pages

Opinion Letter/Written Report: double above prices

Negotiate and/or Draft Contract or Agreement (covers most agreement types)


for 1-3 pages  

$500 for 4-6 pages

$700 for 7-10 pages

Over 10 pages is determined on case-by-case basis


1 to 2 pages: $150

3 to 6 pages: $250

7 to 15 pages: $500

15 to 25 pages: $750

Opinion Letter or Written Report: Double the price shown above

Negotiate and/or Draft Contract or Agreement: (covers most types of Agreements)

1 to 3 pages: $300

4 to 6 pages: $500

7 to 10 pages: $700

Over 10 pages: Rate determined on a case-by-case basis 

Corporate Structure:

Custom business formation startup package for an LLC: $650 (Includes consultation and follow up, custom articles of inc./org., letter of instructions, a post-formation review state filing fee, and obtaining the EIN)

Custom business formation startup package for a Corporation: $800 (Includes consultation and follow up, custom articles of inc./org., letter of instructions, a post-formation review state filing fee, obtaining the EIN, and drafting the initial organizational meeting minutes and conducting the meeting)

Custom Articles of Incorporation/Organization: $350 + Filing Fee to NC (currently $127) Service includes letter of instructions and a post-formation Review

PLLC or PA: Add $250 for Professions Board documentation, etc., + licensing board costs (usually $50)

Custom operating agreement or shareholder agreement: $1100 (includes the initial consultation and a couple of revisions)

Custom organizational meeting minutes and meeting: $150

Assignment of Assets to LLC or Corporation: generally $150

Custom meeting minutes (for any meeting): $200 per meeting

Attend/Conduct Meeting:  $300.00 (up to 1.5 hours) + minutes, if applicable

North Carolina Registered Agent Service: $150 per year

Obtain federal EIN number and/ or S Corp status: $75.00 each

Custom partnership or joint venture agreement: $1000

Stock/LLC Units–Purchase/Transfer Agreement, INSIDER; w/resolutions and review existing Shareholder Agrmnt/Operating Agreement:  varies, fee quoted at consult

Stock Certificates:    $75.00

Stock/LLC Units–Purchase/Transfer Agreement, NON-INSIDER:  see document and resolution rates above.


Intellectual Property:

Register State Trademark or Service Mark


Filing fee extra

Register Copyright


Filing fee extra

Assignment of Intellectual Property



Trade Secret/Confidentiality Agreement



Register state trademark or service mark: $300 (plus filing fee)

Register copyright: $200 (plus filing fee)

Assignment of intellectual property: $150

Trade Secret/ Confidentiality Agreement: $150



Demand/Dispute Letter


Bill of Sale


1 Hour Consultation on any Business Issue



Afterwards billed at $300

Demand/Dispute Letter: $200

Bill of Sale: $150

1 hour consultation on any business issue: $150; after that billed at $300


Real Estate: (see also business rates for contract review/negotiation/ drafting)

Quit Claim Deed


Residential Lease


Residential Lease with Option to Buy



Commercial Lease



Other Litigation/ Litigation Defense


Expenses extra (retainer amount, if applicable, determined on a case by case basis)


Quit Claim Deed: $135

Residential Lease: $350

Residential Lease with option to buy: $450

Commercial Lease:  $550

Other Litigation/ Litigation Defense: $300 per hour, plus expenses (retainer amount, if applicable, determined on a case by case basis)

Please contact us today to speak to us about your needs. We welcome the opportunity to be of service.